Nowadays disabled persons can live their lives to the fullest without encountering too much trouble. There is a wide array of tools and aid products specifically designed to meet their needs, while all supermarkets and outdoor parking places distribute specially designed parking spaces for those with disabilities.

However, the transportation problem of persons with disabilities is still delicate as not all types of vehicles can be transformed in order to sustain wheelchair passengers and not all transportation companies offer such vehicles for passengers in need. But travelling safe while in a wheelchair is made possible through various transportation companies and, if you want to learn more about the subject, you can simply click on

Read below for everything you need to know about vehicles for disabled persons:

Standard cars

Unfortunately, standard cars cannot be transformed in order to meet the transportation requirements for a disabled person. Thus, if a member of your family is in this situation you cannot just convert your old car into a hybrid suitable for a person in a wheelchair. However, you can purchase specially designed cars that allow persons in wheelchairs to drive. Moreover, you can install hand controls in almost any car so that a disabled person can drive it but it is the actual getting in and out of the car that is not possible in regular cars.


These are actually the most client-friendly type of vehicles for those with locomotive disabilities. Due to their rather small size, they can be easily parked anywhere but also feature enough room in the back for the necessary improvements in order to support wheelchair passengers and other needs. In addition, since they are a bit higher than regular cars, they can also support sliding ramps which makes them accessible for wheelchairs and disable passengers. By just a push of a button you can easily slide the doors without having to do it manually and apply a lot of force, which most passengers in wheelchairs don’t have. Last, but not least, these vehicles are fuel efficient. Minivans are also the most spread transportation means for people with disabilities throughout the world.


If you thought regular cars are hard to convert into easily accessible vehicles for people with disabilities, try doing that with an SUV. Apart from being quite costly, SUVs are also quite small in the interior, thus not being able to allow enough space for wheelchairs. All in all, they are a big no-no.