You can buy a sauna suite for yourself, if you want the luxury of relaxing anytime you want. Saunas that are built in a spa and homes use infrared mechanism for producing heat. The heaters installed too are made with the infrared technology.

Heating techniques using Infrared technology

Carbon and ceramic heaters are used in saunas that use infrared heat. Carbon heaters can heat a larger area compared to the ceramic heaters. Also, they can heat to higher temperatures than the ceramic heaters.

The heat emitted from the carbon heaters gets into the skin. These rays simulate infrared rays. The EMF levels must always be kept to a lower temperature, as it gives maximum benefits to anyone using it.

Other factors to be noted

  • When making a sauna at home, always use quality wood
  • The wood should not crack or damage under variable temperatures in the sauna
  • The wooden floor must also be able to take the pressure of the weight of any person
  • Cedar wood is the most preferred type used for a sauna
  • Always construct the sauna with planks instead of a single wall unit

Electric units inside sauna

When you use planks instead of wall units, it saves the power used from electrical units in the sauna. Using quality wood prevents growth of moss, bacteria, or fungus around the wood during different seasons. You can find different kinds of saunas on

Though heaters are used that simulate infrared rays, it is important to take care of the electrical units installed inside the sauna. Always choose certified units as a safety measure. This ensures that under variable temperatures, the units do not act up or flip. For constructing saunas at home, use a cabin like structure.


Saunas for home are made in wood. They are available in various designs and can be installed easily. The wooden planks must at least be of 7 to 9 inches in thickness for the sauna to function at optimal level.