Like other home accessories, bath tub is also an essential part of the bathroom. Sometimes, due to lack of experience and knowledge, you can’t purchase a bath tub accordingly. Hence, you need to find some useful statistics which will definitely help you in selecting your new bath tub. In present scenario, there are two bath styles famous in bathtubs, i.e. eastern bath style and western bath style. In western style bath tub, you can sit or lie down but in eastern style bath tub, you can only sit.

These days, bathtubs are not only used for bathing, but it also becomes a relaxing point. A bath tub gives utmost relaxation to your body as well as mind. Hence, you can select a bath tub in which you can easily sit or stretch out. Thankfully, there is a wide range of bathtubs available. Few popular types of bathtubs are given below-

Alcove and recessed bathtubs – It is one of the most popular bathtubs usually installed in every bathroom. There is a recessed wall on three sides through which you can recess easily by taking support of the wall. Alcove and recessed bathtubs can also be easily installed with any type of shower or other bathing accessory. These bathtubs are available in different sizes right from small to large.

Corner bathtubs – As its name says, these bathtubs are fitted in the corner of the restroom. These are especially designed for saving space. This type of bathtub is generally installed in small houses and hotels.

Freestanding bathtubs – These bathtubs are so versatile and easy to install. While installing these bathtubs, there is no need of drilling a hole for additional faucet. These days, there are several designs and models available of freestanding bath tubs. Always select a bath tub which also comes with sloped back for offering superfluous comfort. As of now, this is the best bathtub, commonly used in every corner of the planet.

Drop in bathtub – These bathtubs are designed in such a way that their lower portion can be installed underground like a sink. There are no finished panels in such bathtubs. The best part of these bathtubs is that they are easy to clean; along with this, these bathtubs can be kept at anyplace without disturbing the surroundings. The only thing that limits the people in getting this bathtub is that it is costly and complex to install.