Youtube SEO – 5 Actionable Tips

Youtube SEO – 5 Actionable Tips

I’m not sure about you but I don’t really believe in secrets and hidden gold and any other buzzwords that internet marketers come up with to impress you with the only goal to sell you some expensive guide that they make sound like is the only way to grow your account to 1 billion subscribers taking only 10 minutes of your time.

So in this guide, we are going to cut straight to the bullshit and provide you with some effective, time-tested ways to grow your Youtube account the natural way. If you like to do it the less natural way we’d like to point you at Trust Advisor as they are reviewing bots that can help you do the same we explain below but at a much faster pace.

Topical playlists

The easiest way to keep people hooked to your channel, and with that increase, the chance they hit that subscribe button and increase the views on your other videos is by organizing it the proper way based on topics that they are interested in so using this playlist option is an absolute must.

Use short intros

In our other guide we talked about how annoying intros can be and that you want your video to be 3-minutes max, so we’re not talking about an intro where you bore your users to death, we are talking about an intro that’s hyper packed with information that lasts max 30 seconds, kind of like a summary of your complete video.

SEO Optimization

This is definitely the easiest way to gain more views, subscribers, comments and what not without having to lift a finger ever again. I love traffic from the search engines as it’s a huge set & forget method that will benefit you today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and if your content is timeless even a decade from now. The longer your video is alive, the more views it gets, and the higher you will rank turning it into a snowball effect. Now that is marketing on steroids.

You need a trailer

When you share your Youtube channel with someone they just see a list of your videos and that’s it. That’s not the way to do it, you need a trailer that includes the hottest moments of al your videos, like a compilation that hooks them like a magnet and forces them to watch more!

Call to actions

Those are gold, you’re not just sharing videos for the sake of sharing, you probably want to sell something, if not that’s okay, no need for CTA’s but if you have something to sell tell them what they have to do or you will never make a dime.

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