Commercial Meat Grinder- Chop All Meats As Fast As Possible

The staffs of any big restaurant always remain busy in doing different works for cooking a variety of foods. As they choose various recipes on meat, they often need to grind the raw beef or meat into a number of pieces. You know that grinding a huge amount of meat with manual process is quite troublesome, and it involves much time. That is why most of the owners of commercial units like to take advantage of industrial standard meat grinder. This machine accomplishes the job within a short time with no need of involving any effort. Moreover, it sure looks weird, while the pieces of meat do not have uniform shape. The common parts, which are found in every commercial standard meat grinder, are described here.


This is the most important part, which helps you in operating commercial-grade electric meat grinding tool. While checking the motor you have to know its horsepower. Most of the electric grinder systems are supported by one motor, which are backed up with warranties. Thus, you do not have to worry, if this motor gets deteriorated very fast. While the HP is higher, the product is of better quality.


Blades have a significant role in the mechanism of any meat grinder. But, you may need to replace your existing blades. Especially, the blades, made of stainless steel, are the best option. Besides, you can also hone these units, whenever you need.


Though it is not an important unit for any personal usage, the electric grinding machine with tray may be highly useful for a restaurant. The meat pieces may be placed easily on this tray before putting them insider grinder. In order to keep away from any undesirable incident in a workplace, you have to choose a product, which is equipped with durable tray.


Electric grinders have a part, which pushes meat pieces toward plates and blade; this part is called as screw. This screw has the task of preventing all the blockages in your grinder. But, this screw should work well for all commercial use.

Thus, when you are buying meat grinder for commercial purpose, you have to check the function and effectiveness of every part. In fact, these grinders are versatile because they may enable you in slashing the breads and cheese. A single machine can be used for cutting different foods.

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Spray Painting During Winter: Expert Tips to Help You Succeed

It is no secret that spray painting during winter and cold weather is impractical. However, some situations mandate that you do it, meaning that you have to find the best way out of it. Very cold temperatures affect the thickness of the paint film, leading to tiny bumps during the coating process. So, how can you achieve a perfect paint job during the freezing winter months?

Pre-painting Preparation is Vital

Make sure you clear the spray gun totally before and after use. Low temperatures lead to build-up of ice in the spray gun during storage. The ice can lead to clogging and jamming during spray painting. You also need to prep the surface. Make sure to remove the moisture from the target surface completely before applying the first coat. If the surface is frosty, scrap the frost off totally and wipe the surface with a cloth.

Be Innovative With the Paint

During cold weather, paint becomes thick and might not flow properly. This can give you an ugly orange peel if you don’t become innovative. Now that you MUST spray paint during these low temperatures, try to warm the paint in a pan of warm water in an enclosed area. Quickly do the outdoor painting job and take the paint back inside the house or garage. Repeat the process for additional coats. You can also try to warm the part that you are painting using your hair drier.

You can as well turn on your heater if you are painting the indoors. This is true for painting jobs involving cabinets, furniture and walls. You can use a high-watt (500+) halogen bulb that produces heat and light.

Most people make a mistake of adding thinner to the viscous paint to make it lighter. This is a wrong solution because it can lead to orange peel. Adding more coats is also not a solution, and can lead to blistering.

Maintain High Quality

Just the way you spray paint during summer, high quality tools and materials are critical during winter as well. Paint Smoothly points you in the right direction when it comes to getting the right spray painter. Make sure you use enamel paint as opposed to lacquer.

Final Words

It is not advisable to spray paint during freezing temperatures, but when you MUST do it, make sure you use a high-end spray gun and proper paint. Use warm paint to prevent orange peel. You also need to clean the surface thoroughly before applying the paint. Keep your heater on if you are spray-painting indoors.

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